Vital Signs Monitor


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Vital Signs Monitor is an equipment that may be bought in Hospital City

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Medical Equipment Pros prides itself on providing the highest quality used and refurbished vital monitors for your office, hospital or clinic. Edit

Just like our patient monitors, all of our vital sign monitors are all fully tested. Any worn out components are replaced and the units are re-tested prior to shipping. When you open up your patient monitor, you’ll swear it looks, operates and functions like a brand new monitor.

The only difference you’ll notice is how much money you saved.

Investing in refurbished vital sign monitors makes good clinical and business sense. Dollar for dollar, you’ll find tremendous value in investing in Medical Equipment Pros refurbished vital sign monitors. Each vital sign monitor comes complete with operating manuals and a full specification sheet. You’ll be confident in the knowledget that your new monitor looks and acts like new, but priced at an affordable refurbished price.

Of course, selecting your monitor can be a dizzy challenge. If you know exactly which monitor you need, just type the name or model number in the search box at the top of this page. If you need a crash course in determining the features you need, read on.

Vital sign monitors come in many shapes, sizes and functions. Vital sign monitors may have features such as:

Blood pressure self-inflation for consistent readings

Audible and visual alarms providing instant notification the way you need them.

Automated, fast temperature reading for quick, accurate measurements.

Optional internal printer for on-demand, automatic interval, trends or reports.

Heart rate monitoring for integrated ECG reading

Don’t risk your practice or reputation on used equipment with no service or protection. At Medical Equipment Pros, we pride ourselves on not just getting you the best value for your medical equipment dollars, but making sure you get exactly what you need. Call us today at 1-888-981-7776